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Bitcoin casino sites are becoming all the rage of late. Long gone are days when Bitcoin betting sites were the black sheep of the online casino world. Today, some of them represent the most trusted, reputable, and entertaining casinos around. Which sites are worth your time, and what is cryptocurrency betting all about, though? Throughout this article, we aim to take a closer look at Bitcoin casinos and discover what they can offer you.

Once you are done reading and learning about Bitcoin casinos, scroll through our list of top sites. Each of these comes highly recommended and is amongst the best Bitcoin casinos currently offering their services to players online.


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What Is Bitcoin?

Before we begin our journey, we need to answer one fundamental question. What is Bitcoin? For those of you not in the know, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency where all transactions are stored on a digital ledger (the blockchain). Digital currencies are decentralised and protected by cryptography, so they cannot be counterfeited or manipulated. Bitcoin was the first such cryptocurrency to appear, and although many rival digital currencies have launched since, Bitcoin remains the most popular in use.

The Rise of Bitcoin in the Online Casino Industry

When Bitcoin was first used for online casino gambling, the arena which emerged was poor, unregulated, and dangerous. Most games were produced by in-house providers and consisted of little more than dice or random number generator games. They were unlicensed, and there was virtually no form of support available.

We have come a long way since then. Nowadays, betting with Bitcoins is popular and mainstream. Today’s Bitcoin casinos are a far cry from their predecessors. You can expect to find a variety of casino games from top developers, the usual array of promos and bonuses, and reliable support, just as you would at a generic online casino. In fact, many modern Bitcoin casinos are also regulated (to a degree), feature protection and security and some are even licensed and certified. Even unlicensed Bitcoin casinos are reputable to play at, provided they bear the Provably Fair hallmark.

What Games Can I Play?

In most modern Bitcoin casinos, you will find a plethora of software to choose from. Many top sites feature games from most major providers. Moreover, the gaming libraries and portfolios at these sites can easily rival (and even surpass) FIAT currency casinos, in terms of the number of games and the variety of games offered.

At a renowned Bitcoin casino, you can expect to find top slots, video poker, RNG (random number generator) table games, instant win titles and much more besides. Some even permit players to engage in sports betting, poker, bingo, and lottery gameplay. Long gone are the days when cryptocurrency games consisted of three to four titles with pathetic odds of success. Nowadays, virtually any major game you can find in a typical online casino is also likely to be playable in a Bitcoin casino site.

Types of Bitcoin Casinos

There are three major types of Bitcoin casinos out there for you to try your hand at. They may all consider themselves Bitcoin casinos, but each brings something different to the table, and in most cases, the difference is how you can use Bitcoins to play. These options are most certainly worth a closer look.

Here are three different types of Bitcoin casinos you can currently find online:

- Bitcoin-Only Casinos: Some websites only accept Bitcoin and no other currencies. At these sites, you can deposit, withdraw and even wager using the BTC currency, but only this option.

- Bitcoin-Deposit Casinos: These casinos allow players to deposit (and perhaps even withdraw) using Bitcoins, but you cannot wager using the cryptocurrency. Instead, your BTC deposit will be converted into US dollars or another FIAT currency and converted back again when you wish to withdraw.

- Dual Bitcoin/FIAT Currency Casinos: These domains will accept both cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and FIAT currencies like US dollars. They may permit you to wager using Bitcoin, or they might convert your Bitcoin deposit into so-called “real” money.

It is always worth checking exactly which type of Bitcoin casino you are looking at before you decide to sign up and play there. There are pros and cons to each type of site. If you wish to wager using Bitcoins, though, you will need to double-check that you can do this at your chosen casino, as this is not as common as you might think.

Rivals to Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin is not the cryptocurrency variant out there, although it is the most popular. Other cryptocurrencies may also be worth having a look at. These can include Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Tether (USDT). Each has its own perks which separate it from Bitcoin. However, there is far more source material available for Bitcoin, so if you are new to the concept and want plenty of reading material to help you get started, Bitcoin is the way to go.

The Perks of Playing at Bitcoin Casino Sites

There are a few perks to playing at Bitcoin casino sites, and these might just be enough to convince you to do so. Some of the reasons why casino players may choose to use Bitcoin include:

- Anonymity: You may be living in a country where online gambling is illegal. In this case, your bank may block transactions which involved gambling. Bitcoins are a way to get around this, as they provide a degree of anonymity.

- Speedy Transaction Times: Most FIAT currency casinos can process deposits instantly. However, you could end up waiting 2-5 days for conventional payment methods to pay out. Bitcoin cashouts usually take place in anything from 15 minutes up to an hour. Moreover, they often come with exceptionally low fees, to no transaction fees at all.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

As mentioned, many Bitcoin casinos are now so mainstream that they contain virtually all the same features as a typical FIAT currency casino. One of these features is the array of bonuses and promotions that they provide. A decent Bitcoin casino will come with all the same types of deals and goodies as its US dollar counterpart.

Your average Bitcoin casino will typically offer welcome bonuses, match deposit reload offers, free spins, no deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, game of the month, prize draws, tournaments, VIP offers, daily, weekly or monthly specials and much more besides. Of course, few casinos have all the above to provide their players, but the selection available will at least encompass most of those.

Moreover, it is now possible to find a good selection of bonuses which come with reasonable terms and conditions. We would not argue that the bonuses you can claim at Bitcoin casinos are better than those found in average casinos, but they are certainly at least on par with them.

Is There a Future in Bitcoin Casino Gaming?

You might be worried about the future of Bitcoin casino gaming. After all, Bitcoin betting is still an emerging market, and cryptocurrencies themselves are often deemed somewhat volatile. This is not something that you should worry about right now, at least not too much. The industry is flourishing, and many new Bitcoin betting sites go live each month.

At the time of writing, it is predicted that Bitcoin casino gambling will continue to rise as it has done over the last two years. For the foreseeable future, betting with cryptocurrencies at your favourite casinos is undoubtedly not going to end.

Our Easy to Read FAQ on Bitcoin Casinos

With a topic such as Bitcoin betting, it is understandable that you may have a few questions which you are unsure of. Hopefully, we will be able to clear up some of those in this basic FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide.

How Do I Get Hold of Bitcoins?

Getting hold of Bitcoins is a lot easier than it sounds. First and foremost, you need to acquire a Bitcoin wallet. This is done easily enough by heading to the Bitcoin website. After setting up your wallet, you need to purchase some Bitcoins. Bitcoins are sold at currency exchanges. There are many of these you can find online, and any reputable site will do. In fact, some online casinos also allow you to purchase Bitcoins via their domains, although we would not recommend this, as their exchange rates tend to be worse than exchanges. Once you have visited an exchange, you need to decide the number of Bitcoins you wish to buy or the amount of FIAT currency you want to convert. Enter the address of your Bitcoin wallet, and once the transaction is complete, the Bitcoins will appear in your wallet. You then need to select Bitcoin from the list of available options at your casino to get started.

Do All Online Casinos Accept Bitcoins?

No. Many online casinos have not yet made the jump to Bitcoin casino gaming, nor do they accept any cryptocurrency. However, the number of sites accepting Bitcoins is growing and fast.

Are All Casino Games Playable in Bitcoins?

No. If a game appears at a Bitcoin casino, it may not be set up to accept bets using cryptocurrencies. Only games which have been designed to run with cryptocurrencies can be played with Bitcoins. However, that does not mean that you cannot still play top slots at Bitcoin casinos by converting BTC into a more user-friendly FIAT currency.

Can I Play Live Dealer Games with Bitcoin?

Yes. Many top Bitcoin casinos support live dealer gameplay. Moreover, some can also serve up sports betting, poker and bingo gameplay, alongside general online casino games.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal?

Bitcoin is a touchy subject, with many countries not having defined their position on cryptocurrencies. Provided your country recognises the license your Bitcoin has, then they should be legal. Some Bitcoin casinos are unlicensed. With any typical casino, this would be a cause for concern. However, the Provably Fair hallmark indicates that you are looking at a Bitcoin casino which is audited, regulated, and certified for fair play and secure casino gaming.


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