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The online casino world is jam-packed with bonuses. There are welcome bonuses here, deposit bonuses there, and loyalty offers everywhere. Some of these promotions and bonuses are a dime a dozen and are often repeated at numerous online casinos. A handful of them, though, are exclusive casino bonuses which cannot be snapped either anywhere else, or by another player. It is those casino bonuses which interest us the most.

So, what are exclusive casino bonuses? Are they as simple to grasp as they sound? Oddly enough, yes. However, there is a bit more to them than their title suggests. For a start, there are three distinct types of exclusive casino bonuses you could claim when playing online. If you are wondering what they are, and what they can do for you, you have come to the right place. Let us explore exclusive casino bonuses in closer detail and let's start with our list of the best exclusive deals negotiated for you with the best and most trusted online casinos.

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What Is an Exclusive Casino Bonus?

The most straightforward answer is the textbook definition of an exclusive casino bonus. This would be any bonuses which can either only be claimed in once place, or by one single player. That almost sums up exclusive casino bonuses perfectly. It at least defines two of the three possible exclusive casino bonuses that can be easily identified. To explain what exclusive casino bonuses are in greater detail, though, we need to look at the three possible kinds you might stumble across when betting online.

Exclusive Bonus #1 – Exclusive Welcome Bonuses

The first type of exclusive casino bonus is the welcome bonus. Do not misunderstand, though. We are not talking about any old casino welcome bonus here. Nor, in fact, are we talking about the type of offer which you can find in the casino itself. Instead, these exclusive casino welcome bonuses are usually located away from the casino, at casino review sites.

Casino review sites often have special deals with online casinos. If you were to join an online casino which has been recommended by the casino review site, you will likely be in receivership of a special promo bonus code. The code is entered at the casino and tells the casino that you want to claim a special offer and lets them know that a casino review site referred you there. This code entitles you to a special welcome bonus which is often better value for money than the one displayed at the casino site. These are arguably the most common types of exclusive casino bonuses you will come across.

Exclusive Bonus #2 – The Bespoke Bonus

Another type of exclusive casino bonus is what I like to call, the bespoke bonus. This is typically just a standard online casino offer. However, because it can only be found at one single online casino, and not others, it becomes an exclusive casino bonus by default.

Such an exclusive bonus could cover everything or anything. It could be a welcome bonus, a free spin deal, loyalty offer or something else. The key part about these offers is that they are only available at once casino and are not off-the-shelf offers which can be found at sister casinos run by the same operator.

Exclusive Bonus #3 – Your Personal Promos

The final type of exclusive casino bonus you may come across is much more personal. We are not talking about generic loyalty bonus offers which you can snap up by reaching new tiers of a loyalty program here. Instead, we are talking about personalised offers, given to you by a casino. They are often based on how much you have wagered, how often you have played, and the types of games you bet on. These are tailor-made offers.

What makes them exclusive is that they have often been designed by a personal account manager or your VIP manager. He or she has put together an offer which will appeal to you, based on your gambling habits. These exclusive online casino deals will, in most cases come with more favourable terms and conditions than your average offer, be more flexible in terms of the games they are valid on (such as the ones you play) and cannot be claimed by anyone else. They are, in a word, exclusive.

How to Find Exclusive Casino Bonuses Online

You might be wondering how you can get your hands on these deals? In the case of bespoke bonuses and personal offers, these are typically found at the casino you choose to play at. However, promo code welcome bonuses can usually be found at all good casino review sites. If you head to one and peruse the casinos they recommend and the deals they promote, you will surely come across them.

On this page, you will find a sizeable list of top exclusive casino bonuses. These are precisely the types of deals we have mentioned. Some require bonus codes to trigger them and clicking on each casino offer will reveal what they are. Once you have your code, it is time to activate your bonus offer, and here is how you can go about doing just that…

How to Use Promo Bonus Codes Online to Claim Exclusive Casino Bonuses

Using promotional bonus codes to claim exclusive casino bonuses is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, the process is quite simple. First, you need to find the offer you want to claim and its relevant code. After having done so, register at the online casino.

On the e-registration form, there may be a spot to enter your code. If not, complete the registration process and sign-in to your casino account. From there, you can head to the cashier/banking page. There will typically be a spot to enter the code right there, bearing in mind that you may need to deposit to claim the offer. If there is no such space, but you still need to enter a promo code to claim an offer, you can usually contact customer support and have them trigger it for you.

Bear in mind that not all bonuses and promotions require promo codes, but most exclusive casino bonuses do.

Exclusive Casino Bonuses – Your FAQ Guide to Bountiful Bonuses

Now that you need a good deal about the three different types of exclusive casino bonuses which are out there, it may be worth getting started claiming them. Do not worry if you still have questions. There is every chance that our short FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide on exclusive casino bonuses will sort you out.

Do All Casinos Offer Exclusive Bonuses?

No. Some online casinos have chosen to avoid this. Ordinarily, it is the globally popular, internationally renowned casinos which tend not to issue exclusive casinos, at least in terms of welcome bonuses. The smaller (but still trustworthy) casinos rely on promotion to attract players, and they are the ones which are most likely to provide players with an abundance of exclusive deals (including no deposit bonuses). That said, you can still find exclusive casino bonuses in the most popular sites. Many of these do tend to be personal offers, or bespoke casino bonuses, though.

Can I Cashout Whatever I Win?

That depends entirely on the offer you wish to claim. Some exclusive casino bonuses come with no wagering requirements, and it is these offers which allow you to cash out whatever you win. They are rare, but that helps them fit the definition of exclusive casino bonuses even more.

Do I Have to Enter a Promo Code?

No. Again, most online casinos which do carry exclusive casino bonuses will require a promo code to be triggered, so that they know which offer you plan on claiming. However, some merely ask you to opt-in to private offers which they may send you via e-mail instead.

Are Exclusive Bonuses Really Exclusive?

They are certainly supposed to be. There are a few operators which run several casinos (known as sister casino sites), and they tend to feature the same deals. These can hardly be called exclusive casino bonuses. It is most common to find these types of promos and deals at standalone casino domains. However, any offer which cannot be found anywhere else, or cannot be claimed by anybody but you can rightly be an exclusive casino bonus, as mentioned.

Is It Worth Claiming an Exclusive Bonus?

In most cases, yes. An exclusive welcome bonus often has better terms than those typically offered to regular newbies at a casino. This makes them very much worth looking at. Similarly, a personalised offer is unquestionably worth it, as it will often be tailor-made to your needs and gaming habits. As for bespoke exclusive casino bonuses, well, who can say? There could always be sites offering better deals elsewhere, so you need to fish around to see if they are worth your time.

Will There Be Terms and Conditions Attached?

Most likely. Some personal offers will be devoid of terms and conditions. The same could also be true of some exclusive bespoke bonuses. Most welcome bonuses do have terms and conditions such as wagering requirements attached. The exception tends to be no deposit offers, but these exclusive bonuses tend to be quite petite in terms of what they offer.

Are Exclusive Casino Bonuses Time-Based?

All promotions, in some way, shape, or form are time-based. Sometimes, the exclusive bonus offer provided by a casino is so valuable that its lifespan may be quite short. You may find that you do not have long to claim it at all. However, the same can be true of any casino bonus, so we should not really think that short lifespans are solely to be associated with exclusive casino bonuses. As with any offer, you should always read the terms and conditions of any promotion you intend on claiming before you go ahead and do so.


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