Dictionary and Gambling Terms


Refers to the amount of money being wagered during play.
Add On:
The opportunity to buy additional chips during an online Poker tournament.
When the player wagers all of his or her chips
In Poker, the minimum initial amount each player must put in before the hand is dealt.


The amount of money in a player's balance available for wagering.
Basic Strategy:
In Blackjack, the mathematically correct play to maximize player advantage.
The amount of money or chips placed on the outcome of a game (spin, hand, etc.)
Betting Limits:
The minimum and/or maximum amount that can be wagered on each bet.
Card game where the the value of the cards are added, with the object being to come closer than the dealer to 21 without going over. 'Blackjack' is also the term used when either the player or the dealer has a 2 card hand that totals 21.
A slang term for a Full House, 2 pair + 3 of a kind
Promotional funds or loyalty rewards given to players by the casino.
To raise or up the bet.Bust:In Blackjack, when the total of the cards dealt exceeds 21.
Refers to an online Poker or Casino game tournament that requires the player to pay a fee in order to participate.


In poker, when a player matches the last wager in the pot.
Cash Out:
Exchanging chips for money. In online gaming, cashing out refers to withdrawing your winnings.
When a player chooses to stay in the game (Poker), but not bet.
Community Cards:
In a Poker game, these are the cards that are used by all the players. The player combines his pocket cards with the community cards to complete his or her hand.


Transferral of funds to an online casino account.
Deposit Bonus:
Additional funds provided by the online casino when a deposit is made.
Double Down:
Increasing the wager after the first 2 cards are shown, with the understanding that only one more card will be dealt to complete the hand.
1. A tie 2. The exchange of cards, as in the second round of Draw Poker, for new ones from the deck.


The e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance monitors online gambling sites, placing a strong emphasis on fair and responsible gambling.
Advantage, as in the house edge in a casino game.
Online method of deposit that can be funded in various ways including credit card, ACH, e-check, or other ewallets. See our listing of online casino deposit methods.


Face Cards:
Cards from the deck that have a 'face' - Kings, Queens, and Jacks.
Drawing a card to complete a 5 card hand in Poker.
Flash Casino:
Online casino the uses flash technology to make the casino available for play in your browser with no download required
Flat Betting:
Wagering the same amount on each bet.
The first 3 cards dealt in a game of Poker, face up in the middle of the board/table.
A Poker hand that consists of five card of the same suit.
In Poker, when a player chooses to drop out, rather than bet to stay in the hand.
Four Of A Kind:
Four cards of the same rank in the hand.
Full House:
A card hand that consists of 3-of-a-kind, and a pair.


Non-profit organisation that provides support and assistance for gambling related problems.


The cards that are held.
To request another card, as in Blackjack.
Hole Card:
Dealer's face-down card.
The Casino
House Edge:
The advantage that the casino has over the player. Also called 'House Advantage'.


Inside Straight:
A hand containing four cards in order of rank that can only be completed one way.
In Blackjack, the opportunity to make a side bet that the deal has Blackjack, when his upcard is an Ace. If he does, the bet is won and pays 2:1. If he does not, the insurance wager is lost.


A large win of set amount, generally in reference to slots games



A wager
May refer to the maximum amount that can be wagered per bet, or the maximum amount a wager can be increased.


Match Bonus:
Additional funds received from the online casino in relation to the amount of a deposit made. ie: 100% match - player deposits $50, the casino will match it with $50.


In Blackjack - an Ace and any card with the value of 10 in the initial deal to total 21, or Blackjack. In Craps - 7 or 11 on the first roll. In Baccarat - When an 8 or 9 card is dealt in the first
Net Winnings:
Refers to the total payout, not including the player's stake.
No Deposit Bonus:
A bonus given to the player by the online casino that does not require the player to make a deposit in order to use it.
No Limit:
When the amount the player can wager is not limited by the game.


Probability ratio or the amount a wager pays.


Fold or not bet.
Pay Line:
In Slots, the line for which the symbols must fall to create winning combinations.
Payout Percentage:
The percentage that a slot machine is programmed to return to the player.
Payout Table or Pay table:
Where the amount paid for winning combinations in a given game are displayed.
Pocket Cards:
In Poker, the cards that are dealt to the player face-down.
The monies accumulated during a poker hand as a result of antes, bets and raises that ultimately goes to the winner.
The likelihood that a given event will or will not occur.
Progressive Jackpot:
A Jackpot that increases by taking a percentage of each wager placed by all players.
A tie, as in Blackjack, ie: If the player and dealer hands have the same total, neither wins and the wager is returned.


The mimimum value a hand must be to be eligible for the pot.


To match, then increase the previous stake in poker.
The amount charged by the casino for each hand of Poker, generally taken from the pot after each round.
The value of the card, or set of cards.
On a Slot machine, where the symbols are displayed and spun.
During tournament play, an opportunity to purchase more chips or replenish your balance for a fee.
Refers to Random Number Generator - a computational device that generates a sequence of numbers or symbols that generate unpatterned, random results.
Royal Flush:
The highest possible hand rank in Poker consisting of the 10, J, Q, K, & Ace of the same suit.


Soft Hand:
In Blackjack, any hand where the Ace is counted as 11.
To decline taking another card in Blackjack.
Sticky Bonus:
A bonus that is given to the player, for which he is only able to withdraw the winnings from; the bonus amount itself cannot be withdrawn.
A Poker hand consisting of 5 cards with consecutive rank, ie: 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 or 9, 10, J, Q, K.
Straight Flush:
A hand containing 5 cards of consecutive rank, all of the same suit.
Sometimes offered in online Blackjack games, the ability to give up before the hand is finished, in exchange for half the wager.


Slang term for 3-of-a-kind.


In Blackjack, the dealer's face-up card; card that shows to the player.


In general, a valued customer; big bettor. With regard to online casino gambling, VIP refers to active real money players, with graduating levels of VIP status according to a set of perimeters.
VIP Program:
A system or program that many online casinos have in place to reward players with various bonuses, promotions and benefits.


Wager Contribution:
The percentage that each game contributes toward the wager requirement of a bonus or other condition required by the casino.
Wager Requirement:
The amount that must be wagered in order to fulfill the requirement of a bonus or other condition before a withdrawal can be made.
Wild Card:
Any card that can be used as another card to complete winning combinations in the hand.



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