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While most online casinos are known for offering welcome bonuses to new players, only a handful of the best casinos provide high roller deals. A vast chunk of standard casino welcome bonuses will typically be designed to cater to mid-roller or low-roller players, but only a sparse few have the extensive sums of cash required by high rollers.

For those of you who are already familiar with the concept of high rollers and the bonuses which are available to them, the rest of this page may be elementary to you. However, for those players not in the know, the topic of high roller bonuses deserves a closer look. As well as helping you understand what high roller bonuses are, we should also aim to look at what the perks of being such a player at an online casino are.

Below, you will find a variety of top high roller casinos bonuses. Each of these bonuses has been certified as authentic. Once you are ready to claim a high roller bonus, we strongly recommend choosing one from our list. You can find more details about each of those bonuses, in turn, by clicking on them. Feel free to revisit this list later, but for now, let us look at high rollers and the bonuses they can claim.

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Who Counts as a High Roller?

If you are new to internet casino gaming, you may be wondering, “what is a high roller?” The simplest way to explain a high roller is this: a high roller is an online casino player who wagers large sums of cash playing their favourite casino games.

One common misconception is that high rollers must wager large stakes in one fell swoop. This is an outdated definition of a high roller. Any player who wagers small stakes frequently could essentially find themselves wagering the same amount in the long term as someone wagering large sums over a shorter period. These players, too, should be considered high rollers.

In short, if you wager sizeable sums of cash (more than your average rival player), you could, yourself be deemed to be a high roller.

What is a High Roller Bonus?

Know that you know what a high roller is, it should not take much of a leap for you to figure out what a high roller bonus is. Naturally, this is a casino promotion – usually a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus – which is reserved for high rollers. It will typically be worth more than your standard deposit or welcome bonus. However, it will require players to deposit a more substantial sum than with conventional offers if they wish to claim it.

High roller bonuses do not have to be limited to deposit bonuses, though. On the contrary, some high roller bonuses are delivered via VIP clubs and loyalty programs. There can be many perks to being one of those players, and these, too, are worth a closer look.

The Perks of Being a High-Roller

High rollers will often instantly become highly valued members of a casino’s VIP club, often at tiers which are unattainable for regular players, or that would take them a long time to reach normally. These VIP clubs have special perks, as mentioned, for high rollers. They include:

- VIP Account Managers: Every VIP casino member will often receive their very own account manager. This person will look after you personally and provide you with top of the range promotions and bonuses, exclusive to your status as a high-rolling player.

- Better Offers: VIP players and high rollers will typically receive the same deals as standard players, although the terms (and possibly the rewards) will likely be more generous.

- Faster Withdrawal Times: Valued players at casinos can often withdraw their winnings with a reduced pending period. They have, in a sense, priority when it comes to withdrawals.

- Higher Cashout Limits: Some casinos have quite stringy withdrawal limits. The higher limits are usually reserved for those players who plough more money into the casino, which typically means high rollers.

- Better Comp Point Exchange Rates: At casinos where players can snap up comp points when wagering on games, VIP players will usually be able to acquire those points at a quicker rate. They may also be able to exchange them for real money at a better rate than standard players.

- Access to Exclusive Events: Some casinos go all out for their VIP players. These sites may choose to invite players to exclusive events, such as providing them with tickets, holidays, and even gifts.

- Access to Exclusive Tournaments and Games: If there are exclusive tournaments and promotions available at a casino, you can rest assured that high rollers and VIP players will be the ones who receive them. For instance, VIP players may be invited to exclusive table game competitions and could have the first crack at any new games which are going to debut, ahead of their general launch.

How to Claim a High Roller Bonus

All the above sounds lovely, but you still need to know how to claim a high roller bonus, right? Ultimately, snapping up such a bonus is not that different from claiming any other type of casino offer.

Players will likely have deposit more money into their account (often substantially more) than your average player. While a typical welcome bonus might require a minimum deposit of €20 to claim a 100% match up to €100; a high roller welcome bonus might promise a 100% match up to €5,000 but require a minimum deposit of €2,000. You will often be required to enter promotional bonus codes to claim this offer, and the terms and conditions may differ when claiming high roller bonuses than traditional casino offers.

Online Casinos Offering High Roller Bonuses

Not all online casinos offer high roller bonuses. The types of casinos which do will vary. Any casino which has a high roller bonus will advertise that fact, either via their lobby or on their promotions page. Some casinos may provide high rollers with instant access to their VIP club, and some will not. Ultimately, your fastest way of finding casinos which offer high roller bonuses is to check out the list on this page./p>

Learn More with Our High Roller Bonus FAQ Guide

If you still have a lingering thought or query concerning high roller bonuses and VIP players, that is fine. We will aim to answer most of them with this short FAQ guide.

Are the Terms and Conditions of High Roller Bonuses Different from Standard Bonuses?

The terms and conditions of high roller bonuses can be different from those of standard bonuses. This does not always mean that they are more excessive. On the contrary, there are a few online casinos out there which have lower wagering requirements on their high roller bonuses, than the playthrough rates of standard offers. This is always worth checking out beforehand but bear in mind that you will have to deposit more to claim high roller bonuses.

Do High Roller Bonuses Need Bonus Codes?

Most do, yes. Of course, there are those online casinos which will allow players to opt-in to high roller bonuses. In which case, you will simply need to click on something to indicate that you wish to claim a high roller offer. Most promos do require you to enter promo codes, though. These can be found on the promotions page at casinos, or you can use the ones right here on this page. Just enter them when you deposit via the casino’s cashier page to activate each bonus.

Do High Rollers Only Play Highly Volatile Slots?

No. In fact, they are two separate things. Highly volatile slots are a type of game where wins are not acquired regularly, but when a win does occur, it tends to be of considerable value. By contrast, high rollers are players who like to wager large sums, either in quick succession over several spins. Because of the size of their balance and deposits, it is true that high rollers will be able to sustain themselves during the long periods without wins in highly volatile slots until that big win comes along. However, highly volatile slots can be played by all players, and high rollers are welcome to play low variance games, too.

Do I Have to Place Huge Bets to Be a High Roller?

As mentioned, you do not have to place huge bets to be a high roller. A high roller is not just a single player who spends €100 a spin on the slots. They could be a player which spends €5 a turn over 20 spins on a slot. While we draw the line at players who spend €1 per spin over €100 spins, the truth of the matter is that a high roller is any player who spends substantial amounts of cash in an online casino over a relatively short period of time. Each casino will have its own terms as to what qualifies a person as a high roller. The amount you must spend is usually determined monthly.

Is it Worth Claiming a High Roller Bonus or Even Being a High Roller?

That depends. If you play regularly or like to spend a lot of cash in short periods of time, then becoming a high roller could be worth it. However, if you scarcely play at online casinos, then becoming a high roller, and subsequently claiming a high roller bonus probably will not benefit you that much. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide, but it really is all down to how much you spend and how often you play.


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