Online Live Casino Tournaments

One of the most common features you will see in online casinos these days is the tournament. Most people might think that tournaments are monthly affairs, but they are becoming increasingly more frequent regularly. Online casino tournaments also expand far beyond slots, as is commonly imagined.

Naturally, tournaments tend to have a short lifespan so it can be challenging to map them all out for you, as we would typically do with our casino bonus offers. However, we have given it a crack, and on this page, you should be able to find the latest regular tournaments with decent lifespans and those which are open to all.

Aside from just using this page to find a top array of tournaments, you can also use it to learn about the various options you have open to you. With that in mind, feel free to read on and revisit our list of top online casino tournaments later, if you want to acquire a bit more knowledge on these competitions.

Showing 157 Tournaments - Live Feed
TournamentCasino Game Entry fee Prize Pool Start End
Summer 2020 Heated Tournament Sloto Cash Crystal Waters $0 $2020 Running 31 Aug 20 01:00 am Join
DROP&WINS RioBet Casino CP CP 2000000 Running 05 Feb 21 03:59 pm
Dog Days Marathon Lincoln Casino Dog Gone It $ 5 $ 1000 Running 1 day, 2 hours, 48 mins Join
LCB 200 Freeroll Red Stag Casino Down The Drain $0 $200 Running 31 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
The Month Long Red Stag Casino Cleopatra's Pyramid II $5 $5000 Running 31 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
The Month Long Lincoln Casino Cleopatra's Pyramid II $ 5 $ 5000 Running 31 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
Caribbean Poker Drake Casino Caribbean Poker $25 $1500 Running 1 day, 3 hours, 48 mins Join
$7,500 Robin in the Woods Monthly Tournament Drake Casino Robin in the Woods $5 $7500 Running 31 Aug 20 11:59 pm Join
More Cowbell Lincoln Casino Cash Cow $ 5 $ 1200 Running 1 day, 2 hours, 48 mins Join
LCB August 2020 Freeroll Sloto Cash T-Rex $0 $0 Running 02 Sep 20 10:07 pm Join
NOLUCKNEEDED August 2020 Freeroll Sloto Cash Texan Tycoon $0 $0 Running 02 Sep 20 10:09 pm Join
Casino Crush Forums August 2020 Sloto Cash White Rhino $0 $0 Running 01 Sep 20 10:15 pm Join
$15000 Riches Tournament Red Stag Casino Ramesses Riches $9.99 $125 Running 02 Sep 20 10:59 pm Join
Island Girl Lincoln Casino Caribbean Gold $ 5 $ 1500 Running 16 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
NDB Invite Lincoln Casino Triple Triple Gold $ 0 $ 500 Running 17 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
LCB Invite Lincoln Casino Magic Monkey II $ 0 $ 600 Running 31 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
Top Five Win Miami Club Eastern Dragon $3.00 The Pot Running 1 day, 3 hours, 48 mins Join
Top Five Win Red Stag Casino Eastern Dragon $3 $3 Running 1 day, 2 hours, 44 mins Join
Top Five Win Lincoln Casino Eastern Dragon $ 3 $ 3 Running 1 day, 2 hours, 44 mins Join
Winner Take All Lincoln Casino 20,000 Leagues $ 5 $ 750 Running 22 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
Blackjack Challenge Lincoln Casino Vegas Strip Blackjack $ 0 $ 500 Running 22 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
VIP Weekly Giveaway Sloto Cash Triple Twister $0 $0 Running 1 day, 7 hours, 49 mins Join
VIP Weekly Giveaway Uptown Aces Triple Twister $0 $0 Running 1 day, 7 hours, 49 mins Join
Weekly Winner Miami Club Down the Drain $3.00 The Pot Running 16 Aug 20 11:59 pm Join
Blackjack Challenge Miami Club Vegas Strip Blackjack $0 The Pot Running 22 Aug 20 11:59 pm Join
Live CUP RioBet Casino CP 0 CP 4000 Running 1 day, 13 hours, 49 mins
Sport tour RioBet Casino CP 0 CP 1000 Running 1 day, 15 hours, 49 mins
Slot Race RioBet Casino CP 0 CP 5000 Running 1 day, 15 hours, 49 mins
Weekly Winner Red Stag Casino Down The Drain $3 $4.2 Running 16 Aug 20 10:50 pm Join
Weekly Winner Lincoln Casino Down The Drain $ 3 $ 4.2 Running 16 Aug 20 10:50 pm Join
Weekly Bounty Hunt Red Stag Casino Triple Triple Gold $3.99 $500 Running 16 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
The Royal Flush Lincoln Casino Jacks or Better $ 0 $ 500 Running 23 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
Weekly Slots 2 Drake Casino Take The Bank $5 $1500 Running 16 Aug 20 11:59 pm Join
American Blackjack Drake Casino American Blackjack $10 $1000 Running 16 Aug 20 11:59 pm Join
The Royal Flush Miami Club Jacks or Better $0 The Pot Running 23 Aug 20 11:59 pm Join
Just Beat It Lincoln Casino Beat The Bank $ 5 $ 1000 Running 23 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
One Penny for Your Slots Red Stag Casino Amanda Panda $0.01 $125 Running 2 hours, 48 mins Join
VIP Event Jacks or Better Red Stag Casino Video Poker-Jacks or Better $3 $1.49 Running 19 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join
Big Gold Weekend Lincoln Casino California Gold $ 3 $ 1.37 Running 16 Aug 20 10:45 pm Join
Bi-Weekly 4 Drake Casino Chilli Pop $5 $500 Running 1 day, 3 hours, 48 mins Join
Big Gold Weekend Miami Club California Gold $3.00 The Pot Running 16 Aug 20 11:59 pm Join
Weekender - Progressive 3 Drake Casino True Heroes $3 $500 Running 17 Aug 20 11:59 pm Join
THE MISSION OF HEROES! RioBet Casino CP CP 2000 Running 1 day, 13 hours, 49 mins
YES its FRIDAY Sloto Cash Naughty Or Nice $0 $0 Running 1 day, 23 hours, 49 mins Join
YES its FRIDAY Uptown Aces Naughty Or Nice $0 $0 Running 1 day, 23 hours, 49 mins Join
Daily Free Spins Lincoln Casino Triple Rainbow 7s $ 0 $ 100 Running 19 mins Join
Game of the Day Lincoln Casino Hot Roller $ 0 $ 100 Running 49 mins Join
Daily Play for the Pot Lincoln Casino Fairies Forest $ 3 $ 100 Running 1 hour, 49 mins Join
The Most Wanted Freeroll Red Stag Casino Last King Of Egypt $0 $100 Running 2 hours, 48 mins Join
Hangover Helper Red Stag Casino Cash Cow $3 $750 Running 17 Aug 20 10:59 pm Join

How Tournaments Work - Basics

Put very basically; an online casino tournament is a competition between the members of an online casino. They may or may not face off one another directly, or they could be aiming to get themselves up a leaderboard by completing various tasks or wagering on games. Tournaments based on table games often have one-on-one gameplay or are competitions where you take on other players directly. Leaderboard challenges frequently see you play slots as you usually would do, with your progress defined by how much you win or bet.

How Tournaments Work – The Basics

Confused? That is quite okay. Tournaments are a relatively new concept at online casinos, and they can take some getting used to. Moreover, tournaments are not limited to one type of game. They can include table games, slots, live dealer games or anything in-between. The different types of competitions you can play include:

  • Blackjack Tournaments
  • Poker Tournaments
  • Slot Tournaments
  • Roulette Tournaments

Getting Started with Online Casino Tournaments

The process of getting a piece of the action for yourself is relatively straightforward. After browsing our list of top online casino tournaments, just follow these short steps to start playing in tournaments at your chosen casino:

- Choose Your Game: Most tournaments revolve around online slots. However, as we have said above, they do not all have this requirement. Before you decide to play in any tournament, you need to decide what type of game you are most comfortable with playing. You are likely to stand the best chance of winning a competition that is based on your game of choice.

- Read the Rules: Now that you have chosen your game, you need to read the rules of each tournament, and you need to do this carefully. Each tournament may have its own requirements and prerequisites for you to win. These can typically be found on the terms and conditions or rules pages for those tournaments. Never assume that two tournaments will have the same rules, even if they are both come from the same casino.

- Opt-In: Some tournaments merely require you to play the games in question. You will automatically be entered into the internet casino’s competition. Most tournaments do require you to opt-in to the competition, though. In most cases, this involves clicking a button to confirm your participation. Some may even require you deposit first.

- Start Betting: Once you are confirmed as an active participant, you need to wager on the game or games in question. Do not worry; if you win in the tournament, those winnings will still be paid out, irrespective of whatever you win at the tournament’s conclusion.

- The Results: Leaderboards can be checked periodically to see your progress. This is worth doing, as it gives you a good indication of what you still need to do to win.

Online Casino Tournament Rules

As mentioned, the rules for each online casino tournament may differ wildly from other competitions. You should always read the terms and conditions before playing. Here are a few of the things you should look for before playing…

- Game Eligibility: Some slot tournaments are only valid on one game. Some are valid on several slots, and some on all games. The same can be true for table games. Always check the eligibility of games before you play in tournaments.

- Tournament Validity Period: When does a tournament start? Does the tournament have a cut-off point for new entrants? When it does it end? The tournament’s start and end dates need to be checked before you join. Never join a tournament which is due to end imminently.

- Leaderboards or Prize Draws: Some tournaments are leaderboard challenges, where players pick up points for completing objectives such as wagering on games, the amount they deposit or win. Other leaderboard challenges rank you based on what you win or deposit. Prize draws works quite differently. These tournaments see you entering a random drawing when you make a qualifying bet or deposit. The latter is not as fun as tournaments.

- Wager/Win Requirements: Leaderboard challenges could see players pick up prizes based on how much they have bet or win. The requirements can vary significantly in these types of competitions, so always check them out to see what you are required to do to win.

- Bagging Prizes: Some online casino tournaments pay out in real cash, others in bonus cash, and some in free spins. Most prizes are staggered. Ultimately, this means that players towards the top of the leaderboard will win larger prizes, with smaller ones trickling down to players lower down the leaderboard. By contrast, prize draws tend to have just one or a handful of winners chosen at random.

Where to Find Online Casino Tournaments

Tournaments may have their own dedicated page at online casinos, or they may appear on the promotions page at those sites. Online casino tournaments are nowhere near as rare as they used to be. In fact, you can commonly find them at all top casinos. Some casinos provide table games tournaments, and others opt for slot-based competitions. Whether a tournament lasts for hours, days or weeks varies. Ultimately, if you are playing at a top casino (one of those which feature on this page), you should find tournaments with ease.

Our Casino Tournament FAQ Guide

Before you start spinning those reels or sit down to play cards in competitions and online casino tournaments, you should take a brief look at our FAQ guide, to ensure that all your questions have been answered.

Can I Cash Out Anything I Win in a Tournament?

Some tournaments pay out in bonus cash, and that is often subject to wagering requirements. Other tournaments deliver real money, wager-free cash winnings which can be withdrawn. It varies from tournament to tournament.

How Do I Learn the Details of Each Tournament?

Online casinos which operate out of regulated jurisdictions will usually be forced to display the terms and conditions of their tournaments in full, and not tuck them away in the corner of the site. You can usually read these on the same page as the tournament appears, such as the promotions page, or a dedicated tournament page. You can also find out the details of each competition via our list, by clicking on the relevant offer’s information button.

Why Can’t I Join an Online Casino Tournament?

There may be an occasion when you just cannot seem to get a slice of the action, no matter how hard you try. This is usually because some online casino tournaments are exclusive. They simply are not meant for all players. Some online casino competitions are reserved for VIP members and high rollers. Others are for those who have deposited and/or wagered a specific amount of the last few days or weeks. Some online casino tournaments are also reserved for players who have attained a specific level or reached a designed tier of the site’s loyalty club. The availability of a tournament and whom it is open to should be plainly evident in the terms and conditions of each competition.

Which Tournament Should I Play?

Ultimately, it is entirely up to you, which tournament you choose to play. However, we would say that you should only compete in a tournament which is based on a game that you like to play. Slot tournaments do not require skill, as each spin is determined by a random number generator (RNG). The same may not necessarily be true of table game tournaments, in particular, poker competitions. These may feature players with varying degrees of skill. A rank amateur in an online casino poker tournament may find it tough to be triumphant of seasoned poker pros and veterans. This is very much something worth bearing in mind. In fact, one could argue that this is one of the most important aspects to consider when you decide to compete in live dealer table game tournaments.

Can I Use Bonuses When Playing in Tournaments?

This is going to vary a touch from casino to casino. Sometimes yes, but more commonly, the answer will be no. Any casino bonuses you have claimed may not be eligible for use when wagering on tournaments and competitions. This will not always be the case, so it is worth exploring the terms and conditions here. However, you are unlikely to be able to do it, as some tournament leaderboards are determined by the amount staked by players, and you could just simply claim a massive bonus and use that. Do not expect much wiggle room with this, we are afraid.


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