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The Italian language has roughly 57 million native speakers in the European Union, making it a small, but very powerful language on the Continent. Not only is it the official language of Italy, it is one of three official languages of Switzerland where it is taught in most secondary schools and spoken fluently by much of the population. Further, it's the official language of the country of San Marino and several other small countries, not to mention the ones were it is often taught as a second language such as in parts of Croatia and Romania.

The modern Italian language is based not on the language that developed in the capital, Rome, but rather on the Tuscan language spoken by Florentine nobles who were incredibly powerful during the time when Italy was composed of independent city-states and maintained that influence after the country was unified.

Italian is the closest of the Romance Languages to Latin, retaining a number of its distinct features like stressed consonants. It also retains more Latin vocabulary than any other Romance Language, likely because of having fewer native populations of speakers of other, distinct languages. There are a number of dialects, but almost all are still fundamentally Italian.


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