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Hungarian is an international language spoken across Eastern Europe and numerous communities in North America. Not Slavic or Romance, Hungarian is Ugric language similar to what is spoken in the Eastern Urals or Western Siberia.

The Hungarian language is based in a Western-style alphabet comprised of 40 characters. Many letters have corresponding ones with accents or oomlats connected with them. For instance, there are four versions of the letter "O", three of them with accents. This makes for a highly-inflected language where certain nouns can have over 100 different versions. Like some other Eastern European languages, Hungarian only uses "Q", "W", and "Y" for foreign words which don't have a natural translation.

The first examples of official Hungarian writing come from the 10th century, with the first appearance of the modern language appearing in the 15th and 16th centuries. Hungarian authors and poets began a reclassification of the Hungarian language in the 18th century when they shortened a number of words and removed those which were no longer used.


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