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Just as man has evolved to remain relevant with the changing times so has the MasterCard. The original MasterCard for credit purposes was invented in the year 1966 and wasn’t as popular as the current version. At that time, the card was basically known as “Master Charge Card.” It was not until sometimes in 1979 that the card became known as “MasterCard,” an identity that has easily become a household name. At present, MasterCard has its headquarters in New York and by virtual of being a public company, one is at liberty to trade in its share on the New York Stock Exchange.


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Functions of a MasterCard

MasterCards provide the best payment gateway for people who wish to access goods or services on credit aspects. Usually, the card gives its owner a leeway to spend more money than his or her account maybe holding at a particular moment in time. Nonetheless, there is a certain spending limit that one cannot go beyond before being requested to meet the spent amount and maybe top up the card for subsequent purchases.More often than not, it’s the bearer of the card who determines the spending limit that is to be preset as well as the annual percentage rate (APR). APR is a system that is used to determine how much interest one will pay for the yearly services courtesy of the MasterCard. All the advanced credit is supposed to be cleared each month or as it may be agreed with the service lender.

Current categories

MasterCards come in a variety of grouping meant to fulfill the diverse preferences for each person. Standard, Gold and Platinum are the most common grouping for the card. Standard MasterCard is mainly fit for beginners of credit history while Gold and platinum MasterCards are mainly meant for people who have already established a good credit record.

Reason for owning a Mastercard

Despite the benefits of the MasterCards varying with the specific card grouping, they all have a lot to offer their holders. The most important advantage with these cards is that they have what is known as the “zero liability” clause. This feature protects the card holder in case it’s lost or stolen and lands in the hands of a person who may use it to perform online purchases. At this moment in time, many transactions are being conducted online thus the card comes in handy. Still many people opt not to carry cash for the sake of their personal safety. For that reason, MasterCards have become quite popular and authorized for use in millions of outlets such as ATM booths and shopping areas. Repaying the cash advanced through credit cards can form a good credit history that can be used as a substantial judgment to warrant new loans especially on mortgages and car finance.

User's discretion

Owners of MasterCards should avoid surpassing the set spending limit and must be ready to always pay the least required amount as requested. Missing the set standards can lead to the set interest rates being raised or different kinds of penalties being imposed on the user. Finally, while purchasing on credit is convenient and welcome, one should avoid carrying out impulse buying since it can lead to financial mismanagement.


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