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The Russian ruble is one of the most widely used currencies in the world, because not only this is the national currency in Russia, but it's also used in some regions in South Ossetia and Abkhazia as well. This was the former recognized currency in the Russian empire and the Soviet Union, until they were dissolved.

Moreover, the Russian ruble has as subdivision 100 kopecks and you can find it internationally under the code RUB.

The current Russian ruble was instated in 1998 and a single ruble equals 1000 old ones before that particular date, a solution that was introduced due to the crisis which Russia had to go through in 1998.

There are 7 series of bank notes, ranging from 5 rubles to 5,000 rubles. All of these are depicting important monuments from the Russian history.

An interesting fact regarding the Russian ruble is the fact that the name of this particular currency comes from the Russian “rubit”, which means “to chop”.

2014 saw a decline of the Russian ruble, more than 50% when compared to the USD (United States Dollar). This was caused by multiple events, specifically the low oil prices, as well as the western sanctions placed due to the Ukraine crisis and the looming recession.


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