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One of the more recent currency developments, the Czech Koruna was introduced into the world in 1993 at the inception of the Czech Republic and the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Translated to mean "Czech crown", the currency is comprised of coins and banknotes.

The original kronas were re-stamped, Czechoslovakia banknotes. These were replaced with a new series of paper money later in 1993. The Czech Republic has been asked, and has asked its citizens, several times to switch to the Euro, the currency of the European Union. A plan was initialized to switch to the Euro in 2010; however, it was shelved due to opposition from Czech citizens. In a 2014 survey, less than one-quarter of the population favoured a switch to the Euro.

As of this writing, one Czech Koruna is equal to .40 cents of the U.S. Dollar. This exchange rate has remained steady over the last five years.


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